I Created A Simple Note App With Jetpack Compose


Hello! 😎 I created a simple note taking app using Jetpack Compose so I'd thought I'd show it to you, it's still pretty simple so any feedback etc. Is appreciated.

The Main Screen

The main screen when the user loads the app is as follows:

Main Screen

I called me app "NekoMemo" because I have a cat and I like cats. 😺 But this is the landing page, it contains a list of memo items, what time they were created and the user can edit/delete the items as they wish. The user can also created a new memo via clicking on the + button. I've also been trying out admob so you may also notice the advertisement at the bottom.

As for improvements I would like to enter one line of the memo's contents.

Creating And Editing The Memo

The next page is when the user actually creates and or edits a memo:

Create Edit Memo

Pretty simple we have a title and a contents section, the same component is used for both creating and editing, once the user is done they can click save to save the contents and they will be redirected to the main page. ☺️

Getting Rid Of The Ads

Finally I also implemented getting rid of the ads:

Remove Ads

Since I'm using an emulator that doesn't have Play Store support the play store is disabled, but the user is able to pay $5 to remove all advertisement πŸ˜ƒ Here I learned about the Google Billing API πŸ₯΄ It was harder than I thought lol.


Here I have shown a simple app using Jetpack Compose, pretty simple but I'm new to Jetpack Compose so it was a big feat for me. πŸ˜†

I'm also starting to get used to Kotlin. Now I need to learn how to actually upload it to the app store. πŸ‘€

If you have any recommendations/improvements please let me know in the comments. As always happy coding. 😎

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