Marge (2016-2022) Team Leader

Work mostly included creating and maintaining a live streaming solution. Here I learned about a variety of media related tools such as WebRTC, GStreamer and FFmpeg. It was also here were I made the mediasoup iOS client library. I was also responsible for managing a Gitlab CI. I also gained experience in building and administrating servers.

Matzlika (2022 - 2023)

Here I worked as a FullStack developer, Conultant, App Developer. I am currently having a lot of fun learning Android Compose.

Jin Earth (2023 - Present)

Anything from consulting to full stack development, backend development, application development, mentoring.

Freelancer (2022 - Present)

As well as my current job I also work on various projects (mostly live streaming/media related). Feel free to contact me about anything related to livestreaming/media